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GroundTex Free Standing Display Unit (FDSU)

GroundTex Free Standing Display Unit (FDSU)

GroundTex woven geotextile is a multi-purpose woven geotextile fabric that can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes. 

  • Tough woven geo fabric
  • Excellent strength and tear resistance
  • Use above ground as a heavy duty weed barrier. 
  • Can also be used below ground as a stabilising and separating geotextile in groundwork and civil engineering applications.

Why is a GroundTex FSDU for my store?

  • The ultimate impulse buy for your shop floor
  • Free of charge full colour display unit - your silent salesperson on the shop floor, all day, everyday!
  • Compact sized stand, keeping your store clean and tidy
  • Product information leaflets with the stand for your customer
  • Premium quality with excellent strength and tear resistance

Display Unit Contents

1 X 15M
1 X 50M
2 X 25M
ExtraFix Peg (10pk)10

Stand contents not suit your needs? Make a bespoke selection with our team - / +44(0)28 9448 7831

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