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Meet the Team

Willie Auld

Willie Auld is the Founding Director at ATKO.  Having worked in the market for over 40 years there’s not too many tricks of the trade that he doesn’t know about!  He loves to help customers grow and seeing orders despatched On Time In Full really ticks his box.  Being a full-time Grandpa as well as spending a lot of time serving customers, ensures that Willie has a busy schedule.

When he’s not at work you can find him working in the garden or dreaming of going to visit his grandchildren in Sweden and New Zealand.

Favourite thing about working at ATKO is the family atmosphere and how we all help each other.

Favourite Product: Jet Flame Lighter
“So versatile – can be used for so many things and it’s very compact – can fit in your pocket.”

Favourite Quote: “Be yourself and always tell the truth.”  This was said to me when I first went out the road at 17 years old and I’ve always sought to live by it.

Brendan Auld

Brendan Auld is the Managing Director at ATKO.  Overseeing all things Finance and the general running of the business, you’ll probably find him tapping away on his computer in the corner somewhere.  As chief problem-fixer, the buck stops with him and he loves to see happy customers benefiting from ATKO’s products.

When he’s not at work he’ll be exploring some part of the country with his wife and daughter… or else doing some practical job around the house!

Favourite thing about working at ATKO is that we live our values - we are what we say.

Favourite Product: Lambs Foot Knife
“Top quality product that always delivers results for customers through the profit they can make from selling it."

Favourite Quote: “Tell the Truth, Work Hard, Come to Dinner on time.”  Gerald Ford (38th US President)

Gary Auld

Gary Auld is the Sales & Marketing Manager at ATKO.  Generally, you can find him on the road visiting customers all over the country.  You’ll find him at his happiest when Man Utd have lost again so that he can slag off Gary Lindsay… which, let’s face it, is quite a regular occurrence… oh, and also he gets a real buzz when recommended products deliver results for customers.

When he’s not at work you can find him washing the car, cutting the grass or playing with the kids.  And probably in that order!

Favourite thing about working at ATKO is the supportive family atmosphere, combined with delivering results for customers.

Favourite Product: Jet Flame Lighter
“It’s a proven winner; such a handy product and guaranteed repeat sales every time.”

Favourite Quote: “Find a job you enjoy doing,  and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Mark Twain

Gary Lindsay

Gary Lindsay is the Operations Manager at ATKO.  Overseeing all things goods-in and goods-out to ensure a steady and reliable service to our customers.  Gary enjoys keeping things organised and having the warehouse running like a well-oiled machine.  Furthermore, he delights in mucking up Gary Auld’s OCD Skittles-sorted-into-colours-before-eating.

When he’s not at work you can find him doing chores on the farm or taking his Yorkie, Harry, for a walk.

Favourite thing about working at ATKO is the craic and home time!

Favourite Product: Bulldozer Broom
“It’s kind of my pet child!  I suggested we trial it and it continues to grow in sales year on year."

Favourite Quote: “Ah-huh, thank you very mauuuch.”  Elvis Presley