Terminals Insulated

Terminals Insulated
Brand: Van Line
Product Code: AB42
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  • 5 x Push-on Females: 2.8 mm Red, 4.8 mm Blue, 6.3 mm Red, 6.3 mm Blue, 9.5 mm Yellow.
    1 x Piggybacks: 6.3 mm Blue.
    2 x Push-on Males: 6.3 mm Red, 6.3 mm Blue.
    1 x Bullets: Ø 5.0 mm Blue.
    1 x Receptacle Sockets: Ø 5.0 mm Blue.
    1 x Butt Connectors: 4.0 mm O.D. Blue.
    4 x Rings: Ø 4.3 mm Red, 5.3 mm (2BA) Blue, 6.4 mm (1/4") Blue, 8.4 mm (5/16") Blue.
    2 x Bullet Connectors: Single, Double.
  • Pack of 340

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