Needle Stop Christmas Tree Stand
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Vendor: Needle Stop


Water-holding Xmas Tree stands designed to reduce needle drop by up to 70%.
Suitable for trees up to 3.6m and max trunk diameter of 130mm.
5L water capacity - helps maintain tree freshness
5 Legs for extra stability
Overall Span - 635mm
Patent-pending Trunk Gripping screw holds
Includes Stabilising ball (fixes into the bottom of the tree)

Qty: 4/box

Directions for use:

      1. Ensure your tree is less than 3.5m tall and the trunk is not more than 120mm in diameter
      2. Cut off 25mm (1") off the base of the trunk ('dead' wood)
      3. Clean off the branches near the bottom of the trunk
      4. Hammer/screw the Stabilising ball into the middle of the base of the trunk
      5. Insert your tree into the stand (ensuring the Stabilising ball rests in the socket at the bottom of the stand)
      6. Centre the trunk in the entry hole then slide the trunk grippers tight against the trunk, then screw them tight.
      7. Fill the container with water.
      8. Monitor the water level and top-up as necessary
      9. Decorate your tree
      10. Have a Happy Christmas with the traditional Christmas Tree!