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For the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling insects. Ready to us..

Slow-release organic fertiliser for use all around the garden. For use on root crops, peas, beans..

Pelleted fertiliser for use all around the garden Promotes lush foilage, heavier crops & im..

Kills moss Feeds the Lawn Kills weeds Results in a thicker, greener lawn Covers up to 50m..

Multi purpose and organic-based plant food for use all around the garden. Ideal for use with fast..

Effective fast acting aerosol Kills flies, wasps and other flying insects For use in domestic..

Doff® Liquid Growmore is a fast-acting liquid plant food with micro-nutrients for the strong, h..

Doff Liquid Seaweed Plant Growth Stimulant is an organic and natural plant growth stimulant which ca..

Doff® Multi-Purpose Feed is a concentrated balanced multi-purpose liquid plant feed, suitable for al..

Easy to use direct sow Unique Magicoat seeds Gives a lush green colour quickly Qty: 12/box ..

700g Repels cats and dogs Protects from fouling Contains Aromatic oil Qty: 12/bx ..

75g Easy-to-use rooting powder For use on soft, semi-hard and hardwood plants Helps form ne..

Doff Rose & Scrub Fertiliser 1.5kg Mature Enriched Fertiliser Ready to Use Carefully b..

Doff Slug Killer provides a fast and effective control of slugs. It is supplied in a unique scatter ..

Instant results Kills spiders and crawling insects Can be used as a repellent Qty: 12/box ..

High potash feed, essential for maximum growth of tomatoes and full-flavoured fruit With added se..

300ml Rapid knockdown action Kills wasps in their nest  Contains Permethrin and Tetram..

Rapid and effective control of wasps, cockroaches & fleas Easy to use 300g puffer pack with..

Kills weeds & roots Systemic Weedkiller Controls annual and deep rooted perennial weeds ..

Doff Multi Purpose Plant Food 1kg ..