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For the control of ants, cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling insects. Ready to use po..

Slow-release organic fertiliser for use all around the garden. For use on root crops, peas, beans, s..

Multi purpose and organic-based plant food for use all around the garden. Ideal for use with fast-gr..

Easy to use direct sow Unique Magicoat seeds Gives a lush green colour quickly Qty: 12/box ..

Instant results Kills spiders and crawling insects Can be used as a repellent Qty: 12/box ..

High potash feed, essential for maximum growth of tomatoes and full-flavoured fruit With added se..

Kills weeds down to the root Ready to use formulation Breaks down in the soil so treated areas..

Effective fast acting aerosol Kills flies, wasps and other flying insects For use in domestic..

Repels unwanted visitors to your garden Ready and easy to use 1 litre spray bottle Can be used on f..

700g Repels cats and dogs Protects from fouling Contains Aromatic oil Qty: 12/bx ..

75g Easy-to-use rooting powder For use on soft, semi-hard and hardwood plants Helps form new roots ..

Doff Slug Killer provides a fast and effective control of slugs. It is supplied in a unique scatter ..

300ml Rapid knockdown action Kills wasps in their nest  Contains Permethrin and Tetram..

1L bottle Kills weeds down to the root Breaks down naturally in the soil to allow replanting Ideal ..