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Heller HSS Ground Super Twist Drill Bits (Multiple Sizes)

Heller HSS Ground Super Twist Drill Bits (Multiple Sizes)
  • Special HSS twist drill for extra-deep drill holes and holes located at a depth
  • Special spiral design for high true-running accuracy and bit dimensional stability
  • Fast chip removal thanks to parabolic spiral
  • Regular airing speeds up drilling and increases service life

These are priced and  supplied in 10's or 5's - a detailed breakdown of this is below;

Code Size Qty per set
HEGS010 1.0MM 10Pc
HEGS015 1.5MM 10Pc
HEGS020 2.0MM 10Pc
HEGS025 2.5MM 10Pc
HEGS030 3.0MM 10Pc
HEGS035 3.5MM 10Pc
HEGS040 4.0MM 10Pc
HEGS045 4.5MM 10Pc
HEGS050 5.0MM 10Pc
HEGS055 5.5MM 10Pc
HEGS060 6.0MM 10Pc
HEGS065 6.5MM 10Pc
HEGS070 7.0MM 10Pc
HEGS075 7.5MM 10Pc
HEGS080 8.0MM 10Pc
HEGS085 8.5MM 10Pc
HEGS090 9.0MM 10Pc
HEGS095 9.5MM 10Pc
HEGS100 10.0MM 10Pc
HEGS105 10.5MM 5Pc
HEGS110 11.0MM 5Pc
HEGS115 11.5MM 5Pc
HEGS120 12.0MM 5Pc
HEGS125 12.5MM 5Pc
HEGS130 13.0MM 5Pc


Qty: 5/bx 


Example - 2.5mm - The price is for 1 pack of 10 drill bits... then there are 5 of those packs in an outer box.

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