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Fly / Fly Papers 4pc

Fly / Fly Papers 4pc

A traditional, non-toxic and well-trusted solution to flies in the home. Simply untwist and hang up for immediate use.

Pest-Stop Fly Papers come in small compact tubes which are designed to be hung from ceilings using a pin or a hanging hook. Once the tubes are mounted, all that you need to do is undo each tube and pull down the long, sticky papers that are inside. 

The fly papers are coated with a sticky, non-toxic attractant, which acts like a magnet to attract flies. When the flies land on the paper they become firmly trapped.

  • Drawing pin and hanging loop provided
  • Simply dispose of in the bin when full
  • Each tube can catch up to 100 flies
  • Four tubes per pack

Qty: 24/bx (Promo)

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