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Pest Control
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2 pack mouse glue traps. Loaded with glue these single use traps will help capture mice and similar ..
2 pack rat glue traps. Loaded with glue these single use traps will help capture rats and similar sm..
Instant results Kills spiders and crawling insects Can be used as a repellent Qty: 12/box ..
Effective and robust, this highly-reusable metal rat trap has an extremely-sensitive mechanism and p..
The Indoor Insect Flykiller lures and elimates flies, mosquitoes and midges, using florescent lighti..
Effective fast acting aerosol Kills flies, wasps and other flying insects For use in domestic..
A traditional, non-toxic and well-trusted solution to flies in the home. Simply untwist and hang up ..
The classic solution for nuisance flies with some clever Pest-Stop innovations. Extra long han..
The second generation PlusZap™ range offers a contemporary aesthetic combined with high specificatio..
The original and best conventional trap, the Little Nipper was first made in 1897 and has remained l..
Based on the design of our iconic, best-selling Little Nipper Mouse Trap, the Little Nipper Rat's hi..
• Kills flies and other flying insects • Slimline and contemporary design • Extractable tray for e..
The ultimate convenient trap, the Snap Trap comes ready to use, baited with a mixture of peanut oil ..
Doff Slug Killer provides a fast and effective control of slugs. It is supplied in a unique scatter ..
Galvanised steel rat cage trap. Ready to use without the use of poison and complete with carry handl..
The one-click setting and release mechanism makes these mouse traps ideal for mouse-catching novices..
Life-like bird of prey Hawks are the natural predator of pest birds Convinces birds to flee a..
Protects vulnerable garden areas Wind activated rotating head Reflective eyes give a life-like feat..
17" long-eared owl acts as an effective deterrent against roosting birds Life-like eyes and col..
300ml Rapid knockdown action Kills wasps in their nest  Contains Permethrin and Tetram..
Discreet, attractive and practical, Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers exploit the attraction that flies ..