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7250 MOISTURE & DAMP METER   20-LED bar graph displays moisture levels for quick d..
Moisture Meter Protective Boot - Yellow Protects against accidental damage Made from durable..
This Dial thermometer has a 70mm dial, indicating temperature over a range of -30 to 30°C in 1°C div..
This max/min, classic design thermometer simultaneously displays the actual temperature whilst displ..
The meat roasting thermometer incorporates a 45 mm dial with a 4 x 105 mm stainless steel pointed pr..
26cm (10in) large traditional wooden thermometer with centigrade (-40C-50C) and fahrenheit (-40F-120..
This wall-mounted Factory Act thermometer is ideal for use in any office or factory or business. Thi..
This window dial thermometer is designed to be stuck to a window allowing a reading of the outside t..